Selling an empty property in a competitive marketplace is challenging

We inject the heart and soul into a property with deliverable results. By presenting your property with beautiful furniture using our expertise, we help to promote the lifestyle it has to offer. This provides homeowners with potentially great financial benefits in the sale value and will often pay dividends outweighing the cost of home staging. You never have a second chance to make a first impression and our portfolio speaks for itself.

We offer a full and comprehensive service to dress your property to enhance its sale or rental potential

This includes the delivery and set up of all the necessary furniture, artwork and accessories to ensure your property stands out from the rest. We don’t just make your property look good… we make your property sell.

Image is everything and presenting your beautifully photographed furnished property, will translate into a sale that’s often beyond your asking price.

We understand the fast paced internet world where a buyer will have high expectations and visualise their dream home, so we present a property with the best it has to offer before they’ve even stepped foot into it. We understand the importance of the first 30 seconds with any viewing. A furnished property typically sells faster in a difficult market and achieves a higher sale price in a good market. We can present your home to considerably increase the chances of a sale by elevating that deal clinching first impression, and provoking your buyer to visualise their dream home and lifestyle that comes with it.

The process

As standard we offer 12 week contracts. This gives all parties a realistic amount of time to successfully complete their work, from the estate agents finding the right buyer and price on the property, to the solicitors and all the legal and money lending procedures required. 85% of all our clients sell their properties comfortably within the contract time. However extensions are offered at a discounted rate should you need them.

bB Design house offers luxury furniture to dress properties on a long term basis. This is the perfect solution for those who are relocating to the UK and want to make a house a home. We will install furniture into your property as well as provide kitchen and bathroom start-up packages as required.

Our expert team are on hand to make anything possible, whether you’re a time-constrained professional looking to relocate or a homeowner that is looking to quickly rent out an apartment that needs to be furnished.

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